Officer Donates Kidney, Saves Detective's Life

When they joined the Manchester police force, officer Adam Marois and detective James Moore figured they would be part of a brotherhood, but never knew they would get this close.

"After the surgery, he is part of my family now," said Moore.

Marois helped save his life.

Moore has polycystic kidney disease, and his kidney has been operating at about 10 percent.

He needed a transplant, so his friends put out a call for help in the department. Marois tested positive for a match.

"Jim is like a brother to me here in law enforcement, so I do whatever I can in my power to help someone out here," said Marois.

On June 27, they both went under the knife.

Marois now has one kidney and Moore has the other.

Because of the transplant, Moore, a father of three, can continue to do the work he loves without going on dialysis.

"You try to express how much that means but again you don't want it to be weird. But I think Adam knows how big this thing was for me, that's just kind of the person he is," said Moore.

If Moore had gone on the transplant list, he would have waited an average 5 to 8 years for a donor.

But now he’s on the road to recovery, thanks to his co-worker and lifesaver.

"It's a life-changing thing for me,” Moore said. “Who knows what would have happened if he wasn't willing to do this.”

Marois will be back in the field in two weeks and Jim will be on light duty in September.

Source: NBC Connecticut
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